Cyber Insurers are looking for a Pink and Red Box

Recently our Sales Director Chris met with some senior general cyber insurance underwriters and also Shipping Insurers in #London. Around 10 Cyber Insurance related companies representatives visited us at #Infosec recently when we were in the Innovation area – showing the general level of interest. The underwriters confirmed that they were looking for a ” Black …

Macnamara ICT and LuJam Cyber partner for Continuous Cyber Monitoring

30 June 2019 Macnamara and LuJam Macnamara has been involved with Cyber Essentials since the start, first becoming a certification body in April 2015, a few months after the scheme launched. We see the Cyber Essentials approach as a fantastic way for small businesses to achieve greatly improved security within their limited time and resource …

Partnership announcement with Dial A Geek

On Friday the 29th our CEO Tim Moran met Dial A Geek’s founder Gildas Jones to officialize the partnership between our companies. Dial A Geek is a trusted Bristol-based IT company, and they chose our product to deliver better security solutions to its customers. Find out more about they biz at !

Pitch@Palace 11.0 on Tour Newcastle – LuJam Cyber

Watch our CEO Tim Moran speak at Pitch@Palace 11.0 On Tour Newcastle. LuJam Cyber was one of the 14 Entrepreneurs that got the chance to pitch their business to His Royal Highness The Duke of York.

The Trinity – LuJam Cyber Case Study

The Trinity is a converted Methodist church built in 1860 supporting 20 SMB’s and hotdesking.

The challenge they were facing? The possibility of having 70 people in the building during the day and up to 200 in the evening leaving them with no control over how people were using the WIFI and broadband services.

See how LuJam’s cybersecurity solution helped solve these challenges.