Demo Day – The Final of The NCSC Cyber Accelerator

NCSC Cyber Accelerator third cohort.

In the Great Room of the Royal Society of Arts, London, overlooked by Viscount Folkestone, First President of the Society of arts, painted by Gainsborough, representatives of the Government and Security bodies listened to 7 start-ups (including LuJam), their introducers and key speakers talk about their solutions for helping protect this nation and in many cases all nations.

This was the final presentation of the year and the speakers included the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Right Honorable Jeremy Wright, Baroness Neville-Jones (former Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee) and Chris Ensor, Deputy Director for Cyber Skills and Growth, National Cyber Security Centre.

Our CEO Tim Moran outlined how we stopped 95% of cyber-attacks in just 7 days utilising the 5 Controls of the NCSC’s Cyber Essentials program and then provided continuous monitoring and risk checking.

Our CEO (Tim Moran) explaining how LuJam’s solution delivers effective Cyber Security in 7 days.

Our SMB market alone was a global $20 Billion opportunity and 50% of all SMB’s were now supported by Managed Service Providers (as well as IT Services companies, Telco’s and Internet Service Providers). 

Tim showed our impressive list of Telcos/Distributors/ODM’s and MSP’s as well as those mentors like GCHQ and Tech Nation we were working with.

Our predicted exponential growth comes from a basic formula of MSP’s times clients and prospects times multiple locations and networks.

However he also explained that we are barely scratching the surface as huge opportunities in addition to SMB include Remote Workers (to enterprises), cyber insurers and supply chains ie the Enterprise related market and the Home Office/Wealth Management sector.

Also, yet to be analysed is the global shipping market.

Baroness Neville-Jones Keynote theme was that simple, direct effective cyber security was required and Tim and I spent some time discussing this with her.

Rt Hon. Baroness Neville-Jones DCMG: “If you make security complex, it’s much less likely to be effective. Make it simple, make it direct and you will raise the level of performance.”

Many Potential Investors surrounded Tim after his talk which was great to see.

We explained to one that although at the moment we were spending quite a lot of time bringing each Telco/MSP onboard right now (and listening to their detailed needs and requirements) using digital sales techniques we were streamlining and speeding up the onboarding process very quickly.

If you would like an online demonstration of the LuJam Cyber solution please contact or call +44 (0)117 373 6186 and ask for Chris ref. online demo.

Agreement announcement with NTE

We chose an epic place to sign our first national agreement with Steve Hood Client Service Manager at NTE – the great hall of Hardwick Hall – home of Bess of Hardwick – the most powerful woman in England after Queen Elizabeth 1st.

NTE have built a fabulous, complete and simple set of cyber security services >>>> which we at LuJam Cyber are proud to be part of. Steve is heading the Cyber Security Services initiative development and looking for suitable clients and partners to work with. NTE have around 50 agent partners as well as their direct clients. This is one of a series of posts about the way in which LuJam and NTE are working together with selected partners to deliver a unique service in an innovative way.

Our Sales Director, Chris Windley and Steve Hood from NTE.

Pitch@Palace 11.0 on Tour Newcastle – LuJam Cyber

Watch our CEO Tim Moran speak at Pitch@Palace 11.0 On Tour Newcastle. LuJam Cyber was one of the 14 Entrepreneurs that got the chance to pitch their business to His Royal Highness The Duke of York.

The Trinity – LuJam Cyber Case Study


Property Development Letting of office space

Business Background

The Trinity is a small business centre housing 14 permanent tenants, it is a former church built in 1860, with many fine architectural features.

Inside are 12 small business units, a café/events venue, hair salon, and members of the general public visiting the various facilities.

A further area of the building called ‘The Gallery’ is currently being refurbished to create hotdesking space for up to 50 users.

Problem / Challenge

There will be possibly 70 people in the building during the day at any one time, and up to 200 in the evening.

We have no control over how people are using the WIFI and broadband services within the building, and no internet security that can manage the various visitors.


The LuJam service is a simple plug-in and play solution to internet security, with UK based support in setting up and maintaining the service.

With very little previous internet security knowledge, we needed a simple cost effective solution that provided us with protection for ourselves, our tenants and the general public.


It was apparent after going through the initial set-up that the LuJam system will prove invaluable in providing internet security. The user-friendly dashboard enabled us to see the various devices and possible threats within the building, and even in the first week, it is highlighting internet security issues that have been blocked.

Benefits that the company involved received

The LuJam system offers peace of mind for our company, and for all users that use or visit the building.

As well as the obvious internet security provision, it is also a tangible benefit we can offer to our tenants and the hotdesk membership. This is another selling point to our serviced office facilities.

Learn more about the Trinity Center in Burton-on-Trent here.

LettUs Grow – LuJam Cyber Case Study


Agri-tech / Clean-tech 

Business Background

LettUs Grow design innovative aeroponic hardware and software for the indoor agriculture industry. Our patented system dramatically reduces the operational cost of indoor agriculture, whilst delivering an average of a 70% increase in growth rate across a range of crop species.

Problem / Challenge

As a growing business, we were looking for a light-weight but a scalable solution to provide complete oversight of our cyber security position.


We looked around at a number of solutions but LuJam stood out for its lightweight application and the support and information provided by the team. Their supportive, collaborative approach is what really sold it to us.


With LuJam we have complete clarity over our system, every device connected and all incoming threats as well as how they are handled. 

Other benefits that the company involved received

One of the unexpected benefits of this system being in place is we have been able to log all internet downtime and raise the issue with our internet provider.

Know more about LettUs Grow here

In Your Dog House – LuJam Cyber Case Study

In Your Dog House Gifts – Elaine Brown 

Tell us about your Business

I run an online retail business – In Your Dog House Gifts, where it is critical that I keep my customers’ information data secure. 

I work in the pet industry; we sell dog products for dog lovers. We run a marketplace where people not only purchase from the U.K. but from all over the world.

How do you find the LuJam device useful for your business?

Running an online marketplace includes having a big database concerning financial information (such as credit cards, PayPal accounts, etc…) and the personal details of your customers (passwords, e-mails, addresses).

If I was hacked, I would not only lose the intellectual property of my business, but also the financial information related to the transactions of the sales would be stolen. 

What did you like most about LuJam Cyber?

I like how easy it is to plug in the device into your network and the access to a user-friendly portal that allows you to monitor the traffic that is going on in your network 24/7.

With LuJam by my side – for the price of a mobile phone contract – I feel protected and I don’t have to worry about the security of my network anymore. 

The simplicity in the process of installation is one of the most brilliant things about the LuJam service: you don’t really need to be tech savvy to make it work.  

Another good reason to choose LuJam Cyber is that it analyses an environment relative to the Cyber Essentials controls. Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organizations protect themselves against common online threats. 

The Government worked with the Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises (IASME) consortium and the Information Security Forum (ISF) to develop Cyber Essentials, a set of basic technical controls to help organizations protect themselves against common online security threats.

Where did you set up the LuJam Device?

Since I work from home, I plugged my LuJam Device in my office router at home. The LuJam device not only protects my Business – In Your Dog House Gifts – but also my home network, and all my smart devices belonging to the so-called IoT (Internet of Things), such as my printer, my kids’ Xbox, and our smart TV.

Would you recommend LuJam Cyber to other businesses?

Yes, I would definitely recommend LuJam Cyber to any business that has to deal with an amount of financial information and personal details about their customers. This kind of data has become more and more valuable to hackers, and this is why we need to secure our networks in order to prevent potential cyber attacks. 

In Your Dog House website.

LuJam Cyber Security website.

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The Community Enterprise Centre Derby – LuJam Cyber Case Study

Tell us about your Business

The Community Enterprise Centre is a Social Enterprise based in Derby and serving Derby City and the surrounding areas.

We provide training, resources, space and room hire for local organisations, Businesses and have an emphasis on Economic Development.

In conjunction with a local College, we host a Community Learning Programme.

Through our Small Business Hub, we provide Networking opportunities, training and business support for Start-Ups, Micro and Small Businesses.

Our building is equipped with a Digital Suite and High-Speed Broadband service.

How do you find the LuJam device useful for your business?

Our LuJam device secures our building in terms of Digital access and ensures that we are protected from external Cyber attacks.

This practically maintains our work up time, reduce the risk of viruses and business disruption and protects our data and those of our partners and service users.

What did you like most about LuJam Cyber?

LuJam is the one size fits all for our network needs and we do not need to think about it, plug and go! The Dashboard is great to monitor all aspects of our online activities.

Where did you set up the LuJam Device?

The unit is located in our main office, plugged into the modem and securing our entire network.

Would you recommend LuJam Cyber to other businesses?

Absolutely a MUST HAVE for ANY Business irrespective of your size – LuJam protects everything in and on your Network and helps you comply with GDPR and online security.