The Team

Tim Moran (Founder and CEO) has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. After an initial career in submarines he spent 26 years in network and cyber security sales to banks.

Andy Ben-Dyke (CTO) has a PhD in Parallel and Distributed Computing. As CTO, he spun Rainstor out of DERA with an initial seed round, later moving to the US for Series C funding, and then in 2014 he was involved in Rainstor’s sale to Teradata where he became VP of Engineering and IoT Analytics.

A2Z Technologies Ltd and Guerrilla Guru Ltd are both early Investors in Lujam and supplement the LuJam team with technical resource and skills as and when appropriate.

Iain Swaine who established RBS’s e-crime unit and Ritesh Singhai, the Head of Security Architecture at Dell SecureWorks are technical advisers.

LuJam is a member of the Bristol SETsquared incubator, Cyber101, Hutzero and IoT Boost programmes.